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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ben Affleck Resorts to Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking

Ben Affleck smoking
Smoking is definitely not the best habit for a father of three infants, thought Jennifer Garner when she asked her husband Ben Affleck to give up his nasty habit.

So, the 'Daredevil' star decided to make a visit to a hypnotist in order to manage to quit smoking before Christmas.

According to a source close to the star couple, Garner, who married Affleck in 2005 and has three kids with him - daughters Violet, 6 and Seraphina,3 and a son, Samuel, nine months, was begging her husband to stop smoking as he was smelling awfully after going for a smoke.

"She even told him to do that before Christmas so that they could spend their first holiday together with son Samuel totally smoke-free," the source added.

National Enquirer magazine reported that Ben Affleck returned to his smoking habit while filming his latest movie 'Argo' after being smoke-free since the birth of his first child, Violet, six years ago.

As the celeb family will be celebrating Christmas in Los Angeles, coming from West Virginia, Ben decided to get an appointment with hypnotist in order to help him quit smoking for good.

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  1. AnnyNZ, you know what? I’ve liked Ben Affleck since I saw him in Armageddon! I really mean it! And now, you’re telling us he’s given up smoking for his child, to the point that he even opted for hypnosis to help him quit for good. That just makes me love him even more! No offense to Jennifer Garner, though. Smoking, they say, is such a hard habit to break. But I believe anyone can do it as long as he/she has a strong will and a reliable support system in the form of family and friends.
    Elene Meyers